Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Onward and Upward

A new year offered unexpected opportunities and challenges. When talking to a friend from school who just graduated, he explained that he was going to attend the Academy of Art in San Fransisco and achieve his Master's Degree there with their online program. I had thought seriously about the same thing a year earlier and opted not to do attend due to questions of affording it. From several ponderings, prayers and talks with individuals I decided to go the doctors route, and live on loans until my degree was finished. The Academy has an impressive placement program, and I otherwise could teach on the university level with a Masters. I am impressed more with what a Masters is economically nowadays as well, since a Bachelor's isn't what it used to be. I had several points of unfinished ability in my artistic learning I wanted to formally achieve as well. The business of art is difficult to apply onesself to also. Art is simple enough for me, but the business side of things is a migrain headache for me. My wife is currently enrolled in the school I finished at, BYU-I, and has 4 semesters to go. I do not want her to wait to finish either. We are not getting younger, and by the time our kids are old enough for us to go back (pending on the number of kids we have too) we will have lost so much time, energy, and application of the education. It means that life is complicated and tough, but we are people of faith, and we work with the goals we have to better ourselves. Whatever else falls out of the picture we strive primarily to stick together as a family, have a home, transportation, and education through the work that we do. We will hav a more competent internet connection this Thursday installed to handle the school loads, and we will be purchasing a computer for me so that my wife can have her computer to do school work on. With the obviousness of Loans we have opted to handle some also obvious outstanding financial needs during the demands of schooling. The kids are still adjusting to the move and the stresses of life. Everything has happened. From Taylor cutting Elizabeth's hair, Taylor getting really sick, and car wrecks ( nobody was hurt) that cost 3200...thank goodnes for insurance and a 250 deductible! Also my car is dead, or more appropriately, my fuel pump most likely. The only way to fix that, is to wait for the summer when it is warmer though. The house is in better shape, but still needs a lot of work. We found out the electric bill was about 70, but that the gas bill was 270!!! Needless to say, we were a bit shocked. a 650 or 700 3 bed rental apartment utilitis paid doesn't sound too bad anymore. Remember, this is Rexburg too, very few people make more than 9 or 10 an hour, and most make minumum wage at best. Well, the excitement of school has only just begun, and I will see if the Loans can cover us with the help of some freelance jobs, or if I will need to continue on with part time Walmart. I would really rather not work at Walmart, but all advice from others says to keep jobs, because they are so hard to get into to begin with...and Walmart is a good company apparently in this economy. Best of Luck to everyone, and keep your spirits up. Help someone in need, take a walk and think, sharpen your blade before you try to cut down the forest, and say your prayers. Later.