Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fall at Academy of Art has begun. Finances aren't strait yet, and the loans haven't arrived yet, but I am in school. Part of this is good and part is bad. We are very serious about moving from where we are living. Some big issues have arisen. One I will state is that the foundation on the front of the house we are renting is a dirt foundation...and the other day when we went down into the basement, we could see daylight streaming through in several places. Heating will go through the roof in the cold months.
Anyway, I have finished an assignment for this falls classes. Here is the assignment for the situation and environment class I have done. It is a limited pallet of of Ivory black, Titanimium white, Yellow Ochre, and Terra Rosa. It is amazing what I got out of those simple 4 colors. One of the photos is really dull and a bit blurry....while the other is better on color and clarity, but horribly shiny. SO, from these two images I have the best way to show what I have done.