Friday, February 29, 2008

Sketch 12

So I get the idea of adding more characters into my work, and I only add a sword? This is obviously a loose reference to the sword in the stone concept. It was fun, it took forever, it's done. No reference material was used here, just pure guts. The sword was fun to design, but it is likely not possible. Oh well, imagination counts for a lot here then doesn't it? As I mentioned in previous posts, these are my anchors to sanity. So enjoy them, critique them, and remember to give me credit! I suppose I should eventually create a way for selling prints, but for now this is the best I can do. Take care!

Sketch 11

This is the new book I started this year utilizing a little more room for sketching 9x12. Consequently, they take longer to do. I only do them here and there while taking care of my kids anyway. The chance to sharpen my pencil skills and my imagination are a must. With these I get a chance to breathe the air of art in and avoid suffocation from reality. As these are just landscapes, I am beginning to want more life in them by putting characters within. I hopefully will integrate that soon. For a side note, I did use a photo of a tree to get the basics. From there, its all original, since one of these babies doesn't exist outside of my head. As always, Enjoy!