Saturday, June 11, 2011

Commission Finished

Last year my fathers boss was willing to give me a commission to paint a portrait of his wife. I really struggled getting the right information from his boss since he is on the move a lot. :) I myself ended up being pretty worked up about it, and caused myself undo stress about it. It was such a relief to finally complete this painting. Not only for his boss, but for my father....and for his integrity. Dad was the one who asked his boss I think, so, my only regret is that I didn't finish painting it until after dad passed away. I know he pleased and contented that I finished the painting. And his boss liked it very much. Anyway, here is posted the oil painting I did on 16x20 canvas. It took roughly 26-30 hours to paint, and about 8-10 hours to merge elements of photos, digitally paint, and combine a composition that was acceptable as reference to paint from.

My thanks to my fathers boss,

And my thanks and relief to my dad...I kept my word and finished.

Enjoy everyone!