Friday, November 20, 2009


Mr. Mom lately. Not completely, but feeling a little displaced though. Overwhelmed. Behind. Don't really want to say anything beyond that.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Rainbow socks anyone?

Another late assignment here. It was supposed to be a 6 hour painting, but at a 16x20 canvas and all the oils necessary....I couldn't live with a mediocre half baked painting. Not that my assignment asked for such, but with the size and restricted time frame...I didn't think I could do a painting that would do the canvas justice. The specifics of the assignment were to paint patterns, in this case stripes. I figure with all of the interruptions and days of came around to 25 hours roughly. I know, way too long for a 6 hour assignment. And totally non-conducive to catching up on late assignments. Anyway, I really like this painting. I used a one inch brush to get in on the background, and later switched to a half inch brush for everything else other than the hands and signature. For some reason....the hands were really hard. I wanted to make sure they were subordinate to the face and socks. They still look a little big or angular/masculine to a degree, but they're done! That is what I get for leaving them for last. 7 more late assignments to make up...whilst keeping up with current ones on hand....for only this class. Yup, I may be taking this semester over again...and we are still unpacking in the garage. Boy are we glad to have a garage!!! Now if we could just get the cars in the garage for winter. :) Happy painting everyone! Enjoy.