Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I really wish I had time to post more. I finally got some carpet installed into the studio/office today. And that was with everything still in the office mostly. You see, I made the office in the garage out of 1.5 in blue styrofoam. Why you ask?  Because we are renting this home and I couldn't build anything permanent. So after 5 or so rolls of Duck Tape...a 12x13 studio/office. I had spare chunks of carpet on the floor, but after talking to a friend who had some extra carpet, he gave me exactly a size I needed for the office. I have rearranged it too, but still have final touches to put together, like putting the computer back in there. I had to take it into the kitchen while this mess happened because I still have a lot of work to do. On other notes, I have completely left one of my classes for dead. When we found out the Landlords wanted us to move a month and a half ago...I kinda panicked like most people do. Now, we didn't have to move, but we looked for new places and stressed. Also, the class I am loving, head drawing, is suffering right now. I keep falling behind. So, I really need to finish the adjustments to a job I have tonight, finish the office tomorrow, and then POUNCE on my homework like a cat on a bird. Otherwise, this class will take flight and I will never see it again. I'm reminded of a little kid who gets a helium balloon, and accidentally lets go of it. There is no retrieving that thing! My professor commented on my poor status with the perfect chastisement. I appreciate his directness, honesty, and the reality he laid out, but I ended up feeling the grand scale of life....that it was the balloon and I had just lost it to the skies. Drama, drama, drama, I know. A hundred bucks every day I'm positive and you would be really poor. :) Fortunately for me, my dear wife senses these moments of my life somehow and supports me and reassures me. After all, the sayings about  being close to victory while feeling you've reached a total dead end....well, endure a little more, one more sand dune, and there will be the ocean. Hard work is NEVER a bad idea no matter you circumstance. Just be wise what work you choose to do. :) I'm really hoping a company hires me that I have been doing little spot jobs for. I could really use the stability after all these years of scraping along. If anything, I am just glad that finally I had a day that was not as plagued by my coughing fits that started two weeks ago. Word of advice: avoid sweets late at night. You might wake up with a very sore throat! Then there is the fact that I have had Bronchitis before and have to be careful about that. I think that is why my coughs are so bad sometimes. Well, here is hoping that the forecast of snow tonight doesn't come true. You never know. This is Idaho, and it has to snow at least once every month! :D

Take care everybody.