Friday, February 26, 2010


"We're on the Island of Misfit Toys....Here we don't want to stay..."

Thursday, February 25, 2010


So....we have to move again. So don't ask me why I have a little black raincloud over my might get struck by lightning.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Drawing and Reference

As you can see, this is an adjustment to the angle of my drawing to the orientation of the photo reference. I drew this tilted on my lap and if you look on the top of the drawing you can see the line I used to level the drawing for consistency. I didn't notice this early on an so just had to maintain consistency as it progressed. There is a great dynamic to the angle of his head, so I goofed up a great aesthetic to the assignment. Oh well, here is right orientation. :D Enjoy.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

So, another semester of the Academy of Art University is in progress. Here you can see the second assignment, or module as they call them. The process is simple. From reference, lay in a gesture drawing with very few identifying marks...just get the gesture. No hard defined lines either, just be vague. Then place shadow shapes in of the eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and such to get the proportions down. Again, vaguely because they may need to be adjusted. So far only the red charcoal is being used. After that, harden the cast shadow edges further committing the shapes...notice I said shapes and not lines. :)  Leave the form shadows soft and darken in the darks now that proportion and placement is sure. (one could hope)  Once the values from the red charcoal (sanguine is its name) are established change over to the white charcoal to add highlights. The paper itself functions as the middle tone or value between light and dark. The trick is to avoid mixing any white and red charcoal leaving the toned paper to transition between...except for cast shadows. In the cast shadow, white and red can be flush. But again, they cannot blend in any way. :D  Find a happy place and sign your name. My signature is kinda lame this time, but oh well. Proof that I'm not a complete slacker...this is really hard to do, and I took like 6 hours or so (with interruptions throughout the day). My greatest disappointment is that I didn't get to it until today....and it is Sunday. Sorry folks. I'm trying to avoid that this semester from now on.  Well, I hope you enjoy!