Friday, October 22, 2010

Module 6

By now you all should know that I am in school again. My masters degree is in illustration as it was for my bachelors degree. I am currently in a painting class called 'situation and environment'. Which is a great class. This post is for the 6th module or assignment. I have been about 2 weeks late as of the last two weeks. Getting the loan money it, paying bills that were 3 months due in some cases, and signing a new 3 month lease (EXPENSIVE) and otherwise expanding my office to accommodate more of a studio capability. That means expanding so it fits more than just my computer work. Plus I really like having floor space to breathe in. Anyway, here is the assignment which emphasized fabric and fur. Enjoy, later.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So, here is an old Lemon I painted back in 2004. I learned in this assignment that what we paint is its own color as well as the color of what is around it. In this case, the Lemon is also orange and blue, or 'yellow-orange' and 'green' you could say. It was a fascinating study for me. Enjoy.

(P.S., this lemon was a plaster sculpture painted pure real lemons would have even more nuances of color to handle. But this was simplified)

Finished Late

Well, this one is finished, but I didn't get it finalized until 4 hours after the deadline.....which is still sad honestly. However, I feel really good about this one. The professor commented about the left calf being off, but otherwise I got a B+ after being late. Not bad. But I love fabrics like this. The assignment reminds me of artists painting snow or even lemons. Most people think of a white sheet as being just white and black, or of a lemon  being yellow and black. The truth is, that sure white is used for the sheet, but I didn't use any black at all, only reds, browns, blues, greens, and yellows. Snow is the same. A lemon on the other hand...well, I'll post the lemon after this, and you can look and see for yourself if a lemon is just yellow....or also many colors. :D Enjoy everyone. Later.

late and unfinished is sad

So, this is the example of what happens when I don't get my homework done on time. a good start, but lots of correction needed and a finish obviously.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

And here we have the latest homework assignment for my masters program finished. Wait, I forgot the Signature!!! Yeah, I'll be getting that on there soon :D 12x16 canvas. Enjoy
And here we see the latest photograph I have of the Triptych. It will be shipped up to Calgary Canada within the week. I'm hoping for a good return and a foot in the door of the market. Again, 3 24x36 canvas's.