Friday, January 6, 2012

Old Site is back up with new address link

My new site is still unfinished. Life goes on and often without the progress we wish, our efforts diverted in many cases. Still, the news is that my old site is set up at
I will have a link later on my new site, but for now, this is the majority of my old work. Nothing is newer than 2009 on the old site, and only a few are even from 2007 or 2008. It is mostly a body of work building up during the years of my Bachelors degree in BYUI/Ricks College as well as a small portion of work I did previous.  Anyway, if you have really missed going through my old work and really missed my old site, here it is in all its former glory. Two notes: the phone is no longer in service, and the address is 3 moves old. My email is the best way to contact me.
Thank you all for your years of support and hopefully 2012 will see me gaining the upper hand on all of the projects and plans I have made in past years as well as new acquisitions.