Friday, February 29, 2008

Sketch 11

This is the new book I started this year utilizing a little more room for sketching 9x12. Consequently, they take longer to do. I only do them here and there while taking care of my kids anyway. The chance to sharpen my pencil skills and my imagination are a must. With these I get a chance to breathe the air of art in and avoid suffocation from reality. As these are just landscapes, I am beginning to want more life in them by putting characters within. I hopefully will integrate that soon. For a side note, I did use a photo of a tree to get the basics. From there, its all original, since one of these babies doesn't exist outside of my head. As always, Enjoy!


Audrey El Fry said...

I will always be amazed at your drawing skills!
Wow. This is so beautiful!
Your ideas come out very strongly and so clear!
I really like this piece alot!

somebody said...
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