Saturday, April 26, 2008

CGSociety Entry

I have been working on a piece for the CG Society website challenge lately. Here is the link: to see my entry.
Things have been slow, and my computer has been having the fits too...I'm actually working photoshop on my wife's laptop now. It is a faster machine, and PS doesn't crash-or crash the computer like it does on mine. :)
Otherwise, Mr. mom for the most part right now. Elizabeth will be 3 in June! The phrase about kids growing up has caught up to had to happen.
More to come in the future.


Mindy said...

Hey Shaun,
Good to see your after all these years...where did they go. This is Paul Lystrup. My wife got into this blogging thing awhile back, but tonight is my first time looking around. I guess our blog will show what we've been up to. Contact me,

My e mail is
I think the blog is

Shaun Williams said...

So, you are anonymous eh? And you ask where to buy a unicorn...From an artist? May I guess that you want an artwork of a unicorn from me? I have not drawn or painted any unicorn pieces unfortunately. If you want to commission me, respond to this at your leisure. I am capable of the task. Otherwise, I take it that your comment is for humor? It all depends on what context the question is asked or in what world you are searching as to where to find a unicorn to buy. :) I hope I have answered you question on the subject...although I am a bit fuzzy on which way it was intended. Happy holidays.