Saturday, March 29, 2008

To Paint

The day finally came, and I had to get this car done! Unfortunately, I had to use acrylic instead of the enamel that I had, but the finish still had a bit of a shine to it. Acrylic dries faster thank heavens. I didn't go into a lot of detail. There aren't any racing stripes like there is on the Bumblebee from the Transformers movie, and I was going to give a little black to the grooves in the body of the car. Sorry there are no shots of the wheels. They didn't go on very well, and came off too easily! Still, a little black, silver, and red, with a lot of yellow, and BAM! a Chevy Camaro made of pine. I definitely would invest in serious carving tools for this project...definitely better tools than I had...stronger...sharper... oh well :) Can't have everything. As it was, the car was a hit. No, it didn't win anything, but everybody knew it was Bumblebee. It was 7.07 oz, so I couldn't race in the regular races. No problem, I was just glad I could go, and that I had a car with wheels on it. The thing that I think would have done a bit more justice to it, more so than the racing stripes, would have been the Autobots Logo on the hood. Time was against me though. I am thinking of resanding it, repriming it, and doing it the way I had intended with the enamels. If I do, I will post that here. Enjoy folks! Now for the clean up.... :( Later


Brandon said...

Holy Cow! that is awesome Shaun! I'm sure the car was a huge hit. I really like your new website as well. You have some things up there that I hadn't seen and and are super impressive!

Thanks for stopping by the blog!


Shaun Williams said...

Thanks Brandon, I am glad you liked it. It should look perfect when I get the stripes on it, and the tires. I really took some time to do it (and no folks, I am not going to put side view mirrors on it) :)
best wishes everyone! Take care Brandon

Gordon said...

So, Shaun, how did race day go?
Win any prizes?
By the way I love that your elder's quorum owns up to the fact that they are just a bunch of kids.
I think I'll suggest to my EQ that we should have a Pine wood derby day...

somebody said...
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