Sunday, September 28, 2008

Almost 2 years !

Wow! My wife started her own Blog and of course we added a photo of the family. This isn't the one on hers, but I like this one also, and thought that I could add a photo to my Blog. I can't believe it was two years ago almost...Post-Christmas of '06' ! As I went through the pictures of the kids, they sure have grown. Elizabeth is older now than Taylor was in the photos, 3 years old, while Taylor is 4, pushing 5 soon. The last year was a real struggle for me and the kids at home while Momma worked. I tried and tried to put a portfolio together, while being Mr. Mom. We had some difficult times, and we missed momma. Nadia just put in her two weeks notice though, and will be home for a while before our third child is born to prepare. I work Graveyard shifts at Walmart now though, and while I like the atmosphere and the people I work with, I break my body up with the freight. Not seeing my wife much is also a downer, as well as trying to sleep in the house while the kids are screaming all day long. I'm good until I can find a job in the day that will switch my work/sleep hours. I've been hoping for the local computer repair center to hire me with anything. I have several little graphics jobs I do for them, it would just be nice to have something more steady from them. Time will tell. I have also redone some of my blog layout. Now I just need to get a link to my wife's blog on here. Later everyone. Take care.

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