Sunday, May 17, 2009

School finals

My semester at the Academy of Art University is over now. I was up till 6:20 doing my final for one of the classes, but yeah, its done. I am pretty happy about my drawing from imagination class even though, I still have finishing touches to do on my final for that class. I am kinda worried about the figure drawing class I struggled on that one. I did get the final done in that one though. I'm gonna post the finals for those classes as they are. Now it is down to job searching in this struggling economy. Whether I do art, Melaleuca, or find a job digging ditches, I hope I make some money soon. Good luck everyone. Enjoy summer!


Mike Laughead said...

I didn't know you were doing the Academy's online courses. I'm looking into those right now, but I wasn't sure how the classes would be. How do they compare to regular "show up for class" classes? Are there things that are better about them?

somebody said...
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