Sunday, May 3, 2009


Had to pull out the oils. I haven't painted in nearly a year with my oils. I had to scrape the oils off the pallet because they were dried up. :( This is the work of about 6 or so hours. That includes finding the image, tweaking the colors and values in Photoshop, and then putting it to canvas. It's about 10"x10" roughly. I was thinking of portraits, but ended up doing this Tiger. Go figure. Well, enjoy!


Mike Laughead said...

That tiger is awesome Shaun. I know when we were in school you were the king of details, but this sketchy tiger is amazing. Maybe you should limit yourself to 6 hours per piece and see how they turn out?

Shaun Williams said...

Thanks Mike I really enjoyed doing it. You could be right in some cases with the time frame. :)

somebody said...
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