Saturday, July 31, 2010

New Art Blog

So, I decided to make a more dedicated art blog. This blog then will end up being more dedicated to the ins and outs of life. Plus the new blog is named after my website which makes more sense. See it at: to get all of the good artwork. :D I am hoping to update it quit often with new images...well, I will be getting a lot of old art that I simply haven't posted.

I need a place to keep people posted and also a place to show my work when I take my website and recreate it. Mainly, I felt I needed a blog that was uncluttered by long text entries...more about the art if you understand me. So, here goes. Visit both. Maybe this Blog will evolve into more of the fine art, while the other becomes the illustration art...or it may be that one is more of the calm work, and brushdragon can be the one for the Sci-fi and Fantasy. We'll see.

Anyway, I will hopefully see some of you there. :D

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