Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Demand for Breakneck Proficiency

Today I was over at my folks helping out with a few things. Sitting down to take a break, I commented that I don't think people are necessarily Lazy, or even undisciplined....instead I think people leave work undone because most work that needs to be done doesn't pay enough. Sadly I believe there are many jobs that need to be done which earn little or no money. Because of this, often they are cast aside in favor of paying work. My problem is that I tend to do those poor paying, or non-paying, jobs anyway. This is of course to the detriment of my ability to keep up financially. Is this the trouble with the delicate balance of disaster management? I will also admit that I am somewhat slow and methodical. I'm a perfectionist to some degree. What I've seen in my short 31 years, is hard working people who get into hard times, drop their dreams because they are "financially worthless", and also get frustrated that jobs which need to be done get left behind...leading to burdens of guilt throughout their lives. Should I call this problem: The Demand For Breakneck Proficiency? Just understanding what needs to be done is a task which takes time. Then building up the skills to accomplish those tasks is time consuming. And this year alone, I have had more Pro-Bono work than ever before. I have work coming out of my ears. I have ideas flowing torrentially through my mind and heart that I would love to enact, or put into motion save for the income stopping me.....but....maybe this all comes down to the hard work it takes to get one's life in order, to subdue all things, and regain control of one's life.  Things can get out of hand pretty quickly these days. And there are many places "eager" to take advantage of one slip up from me or anyone really.

Well...I've lost my train of thought for now. Plus I don't want to get too excited :) . Mostly I hope we manage with the one thing we all have the same of: 24 hours of every day of out lives. No one can claim any different. (and I am not going to delve into how handicaps of all sorts changes the value of one day's worth of time)

Take care. Sharpen your blade occasionally. A dull blade may as well be a sledgehammer to cut down a tree.

I wish you all the best!

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