Monday, August 30, 2010


From today...I thought to myself, what is artwork if it doesn't afford the artist anything more than a presence which he approves of? I was wrapped up in the ending of Kung Fu Panda and wanted to redesign my Signature into the style of the movie somewhat. The image above is the work from that time. However, I wonder if I should call it artplay since work earns money, and play is just free work...right?
I am talented? Well, I don't want to dispute against many compliments to that word...Talented. I guess it comes down to spending my time on that which is of little worth. Yet this was worth a great deal to what is the deal? As an artist I feel too self serving. What most people want me to do for them I am either incapable of, they are too poor for me to do, or I just don't do that kind of thing. And other things I'm sure. Is that why artists have such an extended period of time "finding themselves"? Searching for Balance...Peace, and Confidence...even proficiency? For what is Talent without these things?

Anyway, I like this little exercise. Even though it comes at the price of most of a days work. Probono for myself I guess. :( Art for arts sake? One way or the other way...I haven't been able to find fulfillment with my art. Either I fall short on the hand of providence, or I fall short on the hand of the will to do it at all. What is an artist like me to do? lol...well, I'm sure I'll manage. After this long, I hope I have at least learned to persevere under this stress. I just wish my family didn't' have to suffer with me. :(

For those of you out there that Love to do art and have figured out a better way...and I mean that in the sense that you have learned how to survive and not go crazy...I commend you for your skill, your talent, your balance, and your happiness. I hope I find that...soon. Soon would be nice. Am I just being selfish again? :)

P.S. I had to change the 's' on Williams around. I was horizontally backwards before. Now the curve is going the same direction as the S on Shaun. Thanks Nadia for seeing that. I love my wife. :D

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