Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So, here is an old Lemon I painted back in 2004. I learned in this assignment that what we paint is its own color as well as the color of what is around it. In this case, the Lemon is also orange and blue, or 'yellow-orange' and 'green' you could say. It was a fascinating study for me. Enjoy.

(P.S., this lemon was a plaster sculpture painted pure real lemons would have even more nuances of color to handle. But this was simplified)


andreamichelle said...

I remember learning that lesson in Bro. Parson's oil painting class back at BYU-I, I found it extremely fascinating once I figured out the concept.

Southern Spud said...

You know this--and the larger set of fruit that accompanied it--is one of my favs. How is it I haven't bought this from you yet?