Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Here is an update. Just another sketch. My little Shannon and I were doodling in church...yes doodling, and my scribble brought these results after I spent some time looking at it. I finished it that night. It was fun.
The latest update for also involves reinventing my business and my business sense. I have two friends rooting for me. This has also happened during a somewhat difficult time after my father passed away. It was a very sacred time in life when family came together and life moved out of the way....and after that is when I realized how much of life I was missing, or how too much of life was fighting for my attention. I have been working on choosing between "good, better, and best" as much as I can. I have appreciated the support and help from friends and family after my fathers passing, as well as with my business decisions and direction. Artists struggle on many fronts. I don't even think of myself as the typical artist...but artists are as varied as any other people. School is on the edge as well....and I hope to pull it from drowning waters at the same time as my business. I am currently finishing a portrait of my father as well. I may or may not post it here after I finish it. That is up to my sister Charlan who I am painting it for. I will however post this image that me and my son Taylor did that next Sunday in church. We love you Grandpa.

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