Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pine Wood Derby

I am also in the middle of making a Pine Wood Derby car. The Elders Quorum at church is holding a race the day after the Scouts do theirs. My wife said that I should make "Bumblebee" from Transformers the movie, so I am making the 2006-9 Chevy Camaro concept car! I have some photos I will post later, but Nose to the grindstone for now....I only have 2 days left! And there is dust everywhere. Man, I really wish I had a heated shop out back.


h a a c k e said...

Shawn... that is pretty cool.

Hey do you have a family blog spot. I would love to see how Nadia and the kids are doing.


Shaun Williams said...

no, we don't. I even asked my wife to make one the other day, and she feels like it is risky. but I am going to see if I couldn't put one together anyways. plus, we did put up a photo from christmas 2006 on the digger blog. I hope to give you some kind of an update :)

mwinder60 said...

Shaun, good to see you are using your talents well. I have always thought your art was awesome. I'd also like to chat and see how things are going and catch up. Email me some time.


Dotty said...

Well said.

somebody said...
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