Saturday, November 15, 2008


So, after two weeks of the world being turned upside down...or starting to go in that direction, things still have not fallen into place quit yet. My wife and I found out two weeks ago that our landlord was going to cut his losses and move out of his house ( which we live in also), try to sell, but otherwise rent out both levels of his home to siblings. His house is poorly zoned for only 1 family, so siblings is the only way. Regardless, it put us both in a serious pinch. Mere days before that my wife found out that she was accepted to school again and finally wanted to go and finish. The day after we found out, Nadia had our third child, Shannon Alexandria Williams. So, with an infant, 5 weeks roughly, nowhere to move to, and no time to do so...........we have just kinda sat here. Of course we have looked for places to move to, but every single one is beyond our capacity to pay for right now. We could have moved in with my folks in the little town adjacent to where we are, but all they have is one little room for the five of us to live in, and they also have a cat and a dog. As concerned as we are with the newborn and the animals, firstly, Nadia is allergic to cats! We've had our own place for so long though, and we already have lived with my folks once already...She won't do it this time. On top of that I was just in the process of going from nights to days at Walmart. I have had a really hard time adjusting to Graveyard shift there. Not that I have any trouble while I am there with the people or the tasks I have, but I really end up as a true grouch during the day...and I sleep poorly, and all day when I am home. I miss my wife literally, and she misses me even though we are in the same household. She is also taking care of three now, and I worry about not being able to help her at all...either in the day or the night when I am not even there. (sigh) We started to work for Meleleuca days before the news also. For anyone who doesn't know, Nadia was working for them before I got my Job at Walmart. She was in the call center working part time while I took care of the kids at home. When she stopped working to come home and be mom, we lost the products we used to get from Meleleuca, so we signed up as preferred customers to recieve them. We save money by buying from them and they are safer for the environment and our kids. Also, we can refer famiily or friends to use the products and actually make money for the advertizing. Potentially it can be a complete income with enourmous possiblities......we are just so short on time and energy. Just like today, I could have gone out and talk to some family, friends, anyone and told them about the Meleleuca Products, but I came down with a serious fever and flu. So I was in bed all day long. We are about to the end of our patience and hopes. With the economy so far down as well, it is dangerous for everyone it seems. Good luck to us all, and God bless.


Jared Bishop said...

Hang in there, Kristin and I have gone through tough times and we are gearing up for another round of them. Sometimes the pressure of being the provider of a family with little kids can be daunting.

Mike Laughead said...

Shaun, I've felt the crunch before as well and I want you to know that I'm praying for ya'. I had to move recently as well and I just want you to know there is a light at the end of that tunnel. Just keep praying and asking what you should do. Good luck.

somebody said...
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