Monday, November 24, 2008

A better explanation

So, for anyone wanting some better details of what is going on, to avoid redundancy, look at my wife's blog to see our current situation. Other than that, I am really stressed and upset most of the time. I really hate being sleepy all day long and missing the sunshine. My life feels really ridiculous right now, and I feel pretty depressed about it right now. I'm not quit sure what to hope for except what I know I want for my wife and kids to be provided with...which is my responsibility. I've been sick for about two weeks now to one extent or another, and I have some nervousness about work since the biggest shopping days of the year are coming, and Graveyard freight is going to be a monster, and the people I work with will also be edgy I imagine. As incredibly uncomfortable as I am, I plod on regardless. I know few people who are having it easy at this time in history, so I know I'm nothing special. I just worry that I will fail this test of my faith...I'm so far passed my limits, which I passed during the summer and went beyond months ago. Here is hoping I survive, that we all survive without losing our minds, or worse. Take care everyone...please take care.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


So, after two weeks of the world being turned upside down...or starting to go in that direction, things still have not fallen into place quit yet. My wife and I found out two weeks ago that our landlord was going to cut his losses and move out of his house ( which we live in also), try to sell, but otherwise rent out both levels of his home to siblings. His house is poorly zoned for only 1 family, so siblings is the only way. Regardless, it put us both in a serious pinch. Mere days before that my wife found out that she was accepted to school again and finally wanted to go and finish. The day after we found out, Nadia had our third child, Shannon Alexandria Williams. So, with an infant, 5 weeks roughly, nowhere to move to, and no time to do so...........we have just kinda sat here. Of course we have looked for places to move to, but every single one is beyond our capacity to pay for right now. We could have moved in with my folks in the little town adjacent to where we are, but all they have is one little room for the five of us to live in, and they also have a cat and a dog. As concerned as we are with the newborn and the animals, firstly, Nadia is allergic to cats! We've had our own place for so long though, and we already have lived with my folks once already...She won't do it this time. On top of that I was just in the process of going from nights to days at Walmart. I have had a really hard time adjusting to Graveyard shift there. Not that I have any trouble while I am there with the people or the tasks I have, but I really end up as a true grouch during the day...and I sleep poorly, and all day when I am home. I miss my wife literally, and she misses me even though we are in the same household. She is also taking care of three now, and I worry about not being able to help her at all...either in the day or the night when I am not even there. (sigh) We started to work for Meleleuca days before the news also. For anyone who doesn't know, Nadia was working for them before I got my Job at Walmart. She was in the call center working part time while I took care of the kids at home. When she stopped working to come home and be mom, we lost the products we used to get from Meleleuca, so we signed up as preferred customers to recieve them. We save money by buying from them and they are safer for the environment and our kids. Also, we can refer famiily or friends to use the products and actually make money for the advertizing. Potentially it can be a complete income with enourmous possiblities......we are just so short on time and energy. Just like today, I could have gone out and talk to some family, friends, anyone and told them about the Meleleuca Products, but I came down with a serious fever and flu. So I was in bed all day long. We are about to the end of our patience and hopes. With the economy so far down as well, it is dangerous for everyone it seems. Good luck to us all, and God bless.

Alien Friends

Just an update on these guys. I was hoping to finish them to enter into the CGSociety's Expose 7 but won't be able to since we must move in two and a half weeks. Will post progress as I go...if I can find an internet connection after we move. Later

Monday, November 10, 2008

Tracked Down

This is the image I did for the CGSociety Uplift Universe Challenge this summer, but with some new work to the ruins in the background that were sadly underdone. I may also rerender the tree roots, but so far I am much happier. I am entering it in the Ballistic Publishing Expose 7 soon, so keep a watch out for me! :)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!

So, for Halloween my son said he wanted to be Optimus Prime. After some thought, I decided to go ahead a try it. I found the toy transformer and overlayed my son and the toy as seen here to get an idea of what I might be able to do. Originally I was going to use cardboard, but changed my mind to blue construction foam.

Here you can see the first stages of the costume in blue foam. I was uncertain how to finish the effect since blue foam dents pretty easy, and on a 4 yr old it wouldn't last long. My wife suggested Spandex over the foam in the color of the character.
As you can see, the spandex was a great idea. We got a red long sleeved shirt and gray sweats to go underneath. Nadia sewed the blue and red spandex to go over the foam (amazing skill I tell ya) to finish the effect. I accepted the fact that I wasn't going to get a box form for the chest with so little time left, and I wasn't sure how well it would hold up to him sitting back on it. So, I decided on a chest plate. Nadia simply applied velcro to the back of the plate and front of the shirt so I was removable but would stick. My daughters outfit was simpler, a ballerina. As you can see, they are both really happy :)All in all, he loved it even though I didn't finish it. He would really like me to make the head/helmet still. I have plent of foam to do it, just not a lot of time. We'll see. The bottom one has the fabric colored windows and arms, also with autobots icons on each shoulder I printed off. I hope it is a good memory for them both. I pretty much slept through most of halloween since I work graveyard, but I was able to at least make this much of his costume. :) I don't know how we're going to scrapbook this one?