Saturday, January 23, 2010


So, I decided yesterday to go and print off some images at the local university. My wife has an account since she is a student, and I found out I could print off a few images of my work. To my wonderous joy, a friend of mine decided to finally get some of my work for his own printed off. So, not only did I have a great idea, my friend financed several images to be printed. (Unfortunately until loans come in and I figure out more ways to earn money off of my artwork....this money goes to the late van payment.)  The prints are 17x22 max, and anything below.  I'm figuring a regular price for the largest at $150, 13x19 at $75, and negotiating on lower sizes. So, for those friends of mine, call in a little friendly price discount and email me. :) Get a killer deal from the regular price that you may not be able to afford right now. Limitations are to my works that I have high res versions of on file. Let me know what you would like and I will work on getting a good reproduction. I already have two in the works. My Great Dragon Bastion oil painting from my BFA, and my sunset painting from my BFA as well. I'll post some low res versions to show of them later.

Hope everyone is working hard, finding that ends meet, and keeping relationships strong regardless of difficult times. I truly hope we all work through our difficulties and help each other out when things do go wrong. And when we find ourselves on our knees...let us remember to show gratitude for what we do have. I believe we know best what to ask for when we have been truly thankful for what we have. Otherwise, nothing will satisfy in our search and we will devalue the greatest blessings that we do have....what is worse than losing everything is having almost all that is worth having and not being glad to have it. Well, buy a print if you can. And if you can't don't be afraid to say hello anyway. :D

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