Tuesday, January 19, 2010

War and LEGO...a favorite reposted

So, I did this image years ago for a Digital Illustration class at BYUI. The assignment was to do a still life digitally. Usually pieces were done from photos since we were already doing art on a computer, so it was a challenge to do a real still life with real colors and values. Amazingly, this image I did far exceeded the photo I took of the same setup! So, it is true. And I really like this piece. Done in Photoshop with Nagel Brush series 10 brush number 132 I believe at 70%. This is a fairly high res image. So give me credit folks. My first Desktop image for all of you out there I guess. (1600x1000 below the first one...its as big as I could get it for some reason) :) The reference here is to my childhood spent with LEGOs for countless hours and then my adult years spent assembling War Machine figures and painting them. Man meets boy sort of you know. So, the title is War and LEGO. I can't remember how long it took, but it was an assignment to do an image every week....so at least within one week. And yes, I painted the War Machine characters. They are my paint design. I have others I am still working on. I may never get to them, but the idea for them is to make them look like they are cooling from being extremely hot, or that they have an extremely hot core....like the way lava looks when it hardens and flows. Anyway, Enjoy this piece as much as I do. :D


Mike Laughead said...

Great painting Shaun. Love the visor on the lego helmet. It looks glowy.

Anonymous said...
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