Sunday, January 17, 2010

A strange thought as I sat at my computer.

So, there was this fear that people would not use the internet when internet marketing and business presence first embarked on their voyage. So few were familiar with the methods of online purchasing and browsing, and the older generation was somewhat reluctant to try it out. The computer itself was still such a vast sea of learning without the internet. NOW, now what do we have?  Well, fears of that past are blown aside as the rising generation took to the web with a ferocity and hunger unexpected. Perhaps not. Older generations now have at least one member of the family who can help with almost all computer and internet problems. There is a a connection somewhere. Our entire socializing structure has been reinvented through this digital age. Phones and computers have merged. A corded land line is almost forgotten. Is there a downside to all of this evolution?  How have we changed the time we spend?  Lost data is the equivalent of what a fire taking hold of your filing cabinet used to be. And a power outage is crippling. What do I say?  Slow down a little. Visit your friends and family more often. Play a board game. Keep flashlights and even keep a few candles nearby. Take a night as friends or family and reenact a power outage to see what you would have to do. Then?  Well, of course Be Grateful for what surrounds you. And forget all the disappointment that you don't have the latest and greatest, but be HAPPY that you have more than any previous age could have ever imagined! In a deeply interconnected age, don't forget how to manage your individuality when you are separated from it all. Be patient. Some things were meant to take time. Find happiness in something more timeless than technology. As the unreal of previous years 'becomes real', do not let the real of past times become unreal! What was treasured before is still to be treasured today... and forever.  And now me and my son are going to watch Wall-E. :)

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