Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Private Show

Shaun asked me to post these pictures for him. Not exactly sure what he wants said about them, but here goes. He got a call from an old professor who wanted to put some of Shaun's artwork on display at a local nursing home (The Homestead assisted living on West Main in Rexburg). I'm not sure if the public can come and look at it or not, but it's at the Homestead on Main St. in Rexburg. He placed about 31 images for display. Oh, the painting above the piano is not his.


Monisawa / Mike Blake said...

Interesting place for fantasy artwork. haha! Though he does have a nice spread of artwork... ^_^

Shaun Williams said...

Thanks for the sum-up hon. :) And for remembering to note that the painting on top of the piano is not mine. The professor has been displaying his class's head drawings for the last little while, and he will offer other artists the opportunity when appropriate. He thought my fantasy artwork was a fun idea from the normal head drawings. Oh, well. Very informal setup, but still a display of my work. Take care everyone!