Monday, March 1, 2010

Will we?

We kind of have the option of signing a 3 month lease...but not a 6 month lease. That is if we "think we can do it" which is interesting. These are easily the best landlords we have ever had, albeit a tad bit overly concerned, and easily the best place we have ever lived. This last year has been a monster to most of the people I know. It has attacked our responsibility and our confidence through unemployment and tight pockets. Foremost in my frustration is the fact that in no way do people have less time than they ever did before...yet as it always happens "time = money" is a broken concept in these times. Time will forever and always end up meaning debt in some way much more strongly than meaning money. Sure it sounds negative and pessimistic...when we forget the part forgiveness plays in life. I'm not suggesting we become lazy and forgive all our debts. I am suggesting we are heavily bound to either some kind of debt far beyond our means, or bound to a system that takes advantage of our debts by compounding them. We have the time...we couldn't have any more (unless we worked together). Why is it compensation for our time is so low when the price for our needs are so high? We don't need compounding penalties to make it harder.

Well, remember folks...I'm an artist. You don't actually need me. I'm not a necessity of life. But the next time you go to the store to buy a product, the next time you go to get your car fixed, when you go on vacation....stop for a moment and imagine a world without the artists touch. This isn't to say that there isn't bad art. lol. I mean simply, that you are surrounded with our effort to make your life more meaningful hopefully. At least for my part. Book covers, tv designs, movies, furniture, phones, computers, clocks, shoes, clothes, glasses, wallets/purses, homes, cars, product packaging, even the dollar bill is designed by an artist. Many of you are artists in some way...its just that some of us do it exclusively and try to make ends meet with it.

Should I have written this? Not sure. Am I the perfect model of what an artist is?  Absolutely not. I may have typical characteristics, but I am unique I'm sure. And so, I may have spent this time and only accrued a debt to you for wasting your time, but I ask only that you forgive me if you disagree or do not understand. Otherwise, Take a moment to reflect on what made sense, and laugh at the rest. :) My latest influence has been in this quote about faith in Christ:
        "If you are helpless, He is not. If you are lost, He is not. If
        you don't know what to do next, He knows. It would take
        a miracle you say? Well, if it takes a miracle, why not?"
                                                                                                                   -Pres. Boyd K. Packer

The sun rose today beyond the winter clouds. My kids have given me hugs to let me know they love me. My wife has reassured me with the same, and I have a lot of work to do. I wish the best to all of you. I thank all of you who lift me up when I am down.


Ren Black said...

In so many ways, I agree and understand. I'm an artist too - of drawing and of words. I never took serious interest in "practical" fields and I know that some were distraught by that. For me, I knew I could never make it as an "artist". Sure, I *can* draw better than the average person, but not nearly the discipline as a professional (not to mention that I'm slow). So, when I do commissions, I'll spend hours over the span of days to finish the work only to turn around and sell it for $15 - if I took 4 hours to do it, you do the math. So I rarely do it - for money or "fun".

As a young family, like yours, I know the strain of finances and how hopeless it can feel. It wasn't too long ago that my Husband was in school and we were on a parttime tutor's wage, trying to raise 3 kids. The numbers don't work - they just plain don't. And people will say you are a fool - a fool to marry, a fool to have kids, a fool to try. Give it up, debts just reality, it's the only way it works ... according to the world. Of course it won't work - without God. But you are right with your quote. Focus on it. Do what God asks and trust. Yes, it is hard, but I know from my own trials, He looks after his own. He didn't ask you to "make it work", to make the numbers work. Just like with Gideon - that's the Lord's job. Yours is to learn, grow, obey, love your family and trust.

Shaun Williams said...

Thank you...Thank you.

andreamichelle said...

I also find it difficult trying to make art affordable to create for the sake of creating, and also to be able to make money off of it. The way I look at it is that I just have to work harder to find creative ways to use my talents to make money, even if it wasn't my original idea of what I wanted to do with my education. All around me I see many who have found really creative ways to make money off of what they love, so I'm just going to keep going until I figure out how to do it.

Anonymous said...
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