Sunday, May 23, 2010


A couple of things...
The hands were technically from last semester in the fall when we had to move. I dropped the classes. Earlier posts will explain the 'Hell' we went through last fall. Anyway, onward. For  the most part these drawings were done with Carbothello charcoal pencils, a white and a sienna or sanguine. Each drawing is roughly 18"x24" on Strathmore Velvet Grey. Hands, eyes, nose, mouth, ear, and sphere are smaller. The color 'drawings' are such because they are done in soft pastels. The exception is the 3rd one which is a painting due to the fact that the medium is Oil, only meant to look like it was done in pastel. Color is weak on that one though. First time doing that technique with oils. :D Well, it was a first in soft pastels too! Anyway, A lot of work now that I see it up there. 
Enjoy!  :D

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