Sunday, May 23, 2010

Semester Assignment Rundown

FINALLY! Today, or last night, was the final day of school for spring 2010 semester at the Academy of Art. I have been enrolled there online to earn my Masters degree. It's been a tough semester even after getting a little settled down after last semester...which was HELL. I did ok in this class though. I did miss the final though. I didn't realize it was a week prior to the last day. But hey, I was with my wife in the Hospital waiting for the nurse to tell us the baby wasn't coming yet....and then we were sent home. Nothing yet. Any time now though. I figure my brain took a vacation....but the FINAL...AH, I could have nearly aced it! Sigh. Well, now I get to see what Grade I get in the class. If it is satisfactory, I get to go back in the fall. If not, then I do not know what I will be doing. I will have more time now to focus on work at least. It is just waiting to see if enough work comes to pay bills. Lots of know, like everybody else who is scraping the bottom of the barrel. Good luck to all of us. I'll post pics of the baby when she comes. We think we have the name picked out as Sarah Rachel Williams. We'll let you know if the name sticks when she arrives. :D Take care everyone. Enjoy!!!


James L Johnson said...

This is great stuff, Shaun. Really nice pieces. My favorite might be the rim lit old man (5th down)...awesome.

Audrey Fry said...

These are beautiful! Excellent job!