Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday, May 23, 2010


A couple of things...
The hands were technically from last semester in the fall when we had to move. I dropped the classes. Earlier posts will explain the 'Hell' we went through last fall. Anyway, onward. For  the most part these drawings were done with Carbothello charcoal pencils, a white and a sienna or sanguine. Each drawing is roughly 18"x24" on Strathmore Velvet Grey. Hands, eyes, nose, mouth, ear, and sphere are smaller. The color 'drawings' are such because they are done in soft pastels. The exception is the 3rd one which is a painting due to the fact that the medium is Oil, only meant to look like it was done in pastel. Color is weak on that one though. First time doing that technique with oils. :D Well, it was a first in soft pastels too! Anyway, A lot of work now that I see it up there. 
Enjoy!  :D

Semester Assignment Rundown

FINALLY! Today, or last night, was the final day of school for spring 2010 semester at the Academy of Art. I have been enrolled there online to earn my Masters degree. It's been a tough semester even after getting a little settled down after last semester...which was HELL. I did ok in this class though. I did miss the final though. I didn't realize it was a week prior to the last day. But hey, I was with my wife in the Hospital waiting for the nurse to tell us the baby wasn't coming yet....and then we were sent home. Nothing yet. Any time now though. I figure my brain took a vacation....but the FINAL...AH, I could have nearly aced it! Sigh. Well, now I get to see what Grade I get in the class. If it is satisfactory, I get to go back in the fall. If not, then I do not know what I will be doing. I will have more time now to focus on work at least. It is just waiting to see if enough work comes to pay bills. Lots of know, like everybody else who is scraping the bottom of the barrel. Good luck to all of us. I'll post pics of the baby when she comes. We think we have the name picked out as Sarah Rachel Williams. We'll let you know if the name sticks when she arrives. :D Take care everyone. Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Burn-out ?

I need a Eu-catastrophe...and for those of you who don't know what that is, go look up the word. In essence, the word is a description of the sudden turn of events in a story to good. The opposite of Catastrophe then. Because catastrophe is that sudden turn of events to evil...or simply to great sorrow and unhappiness. Both extremes are part of long planning which are in motion all around us. Many things are in place from outside our view to bring both to our door. Choice is a pivotal element on our part as well. Attitude also. But regarding this eu-catastrophe, I would be well pleased to meet with victory my battles that seem worn down to a doomed defeat. It may be easier understood in the sense, that in life we meet with wounds. And thus we need healing. Healing is not a delusional idea in life, yet events, systems, ideas, plans, and otherwise would pose it as a foolish idea. Defeat is not the it would make truth an engine for our destruction. TRUTH is Light, and Light is healing.

Some Joy and Happiness would be welcome. Breaking my familiarity with the opposite would be nice...because I have been cynical for far too long. I wish everyone the best. Victory may come out of apparent defeat. Hold on, and pray a little longer. :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Frustrating or Sad?

Too often we ask too little of the Lord.....and then too much of the world. Is it any wonder that we are disappointed so often with progress? Is it any wonder that we are often taken advantage of? Perhaps it is most disappointing that we do not believe the Lord is capable of providing. Who is He that we can rely on Him we might ask. Sad indeed.
I say this mostly because things in life get out of hand quickly. Capable as we are, there is so much in the world today that is designed to take advantage of our time, our work, our effort....and leave us abandoned. The world is merciless. I imagine that is why the Lord admonished us to trust in His arm... and not in the arm of flesh.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


This week is catch up week for school. I have lots of assignments to adjust and turn in. This post is one of many. It is the most recent however. Soft Pastels are difficult to use, but more than that, I still need to work on my color theory...this pastel painting was supposed to be an analogous color painting. Something I still need to learn...sigh. Anyway, Enjoy!!!